On the road

Well I got Catrin to her exam on time, we read the names of the others (Siobhan, Septimus, etc...) then watched them arrive at the lycée. Everyone milled. Then the hour approached and we surged down towards the exam room. Catrin went in and made me stay outside. I chatted with Amelia's parents who are hoping she gets in because then she'll have to leave home and live in the Internat (the boarding school section).

Then I went off to try and avoid spending money in a café until it was time to go back and get Catrin. I hunted for jeans in H&M. What an annoying shop !!! Why not put all the jeans in one corner rather than hiding them everywhere scattered between other things ? I bought a mango sorbet, then got some bottles of drink for the journey to Toulouse and got the bus to the lycée to pick up Catrin and the car.

Poor Catrin, she phoned me to say she'd finished her exam and the bus driver missed a turning and got lost. It meant doing a rather awkward manouvre by some roadworks to get back on route, so we were a bit delayed.

Catrin said her exam had gone OK, she was happy with what she'd written. So we set off to join her classmates at Toulouse.

What a lovely day ! It's hard to believe that just a few days ago we thought we'd all drown. Today was sunny and beautiful with lovely fluffy clouds in the shape of sphynxes and poodles.

On the way home from Toulouse I listen to the Sarko / Holland debate. I was disappointed not to hear any jokes from Holland. Still... If he gets in I am sure he'll tell a few good ones !


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