The sessions at IBG

The days were very full from 8:30 in the morning till about 9:30 at night.

There were various one-off sessions plus a shared exposition of 2 Timothy.

The speakers were :

John Piper - on Gospel-centred ministry, and on 2 Timothy.
Don Carson - on What is the gospel and on 2 Timothy.
Henri Blocher - on 2 Timothy.
David Brown - on the Emergent Church
A chappie talking about ministry to people of North African background

It was striking to see such a diversity of styles and yet a great unity of purpose.
Contrast John Piper's barn-storming approach (which worked very well through interpretation - no worries) with Don Carson's more calm manner. Both very effective.

I was disappointed that in the session on the Emergent Church there wasn't a discussion or debate between David Brown and Don Carson, especially since Don Carson is pretty well-known for his serious study of the movement.

As always, one of the best things was the time spent meeting people and talking with people. There were lots of young ministers there, too, but it was noticeable that there were few people from the west of France, the east is far better reached than the west.


Matthew Evans said…
So let me be sure I have got this right... You were speaking while all these other guys were sitting there listening to you? How did you breathe, let alone say anything coherent?!! Not sure I could have done it (but then Alison would have said to me 'They are only men, Matthew!')
zirk said…
Are the talks available for download? My friend, IFES general secretary of Latvia was at another meeting with Dave Brown and Dave was telling them about this conference. I would interested in hearing what Dave had to say about the Emergent Church.
Alan said…
I don't know, but I don't think so. You could buy a USB key with all the talks on it, but for 29€, so I think that they probably won't put the material online freely.

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