It's the season of "va et vient"

Yesterday I had a bigger dose than normal of Monday blues - the weekend was pretty busy so I was fairly numb-headed and unresponsive. However by lunchtime I was more with it, a good thing because we had Brittni's birthday and bye-bye bash at the house.

Here's a vidéo of a game of UNO during the final phases of the festivities (when half the folks had already gone home...)

It's really hard when the students leave us. We're already excited, though, about who will come in September.

For the next few weeks we're going to be in Mark's gospel in the evening services, basically doing Christianity Explored. Back to gospel basics !

Today Jenna and Vincent Quentin returned from the States with their children, Luca and Maya. It was great to see them at the airport and to know that know they are back the good weather can return and we can have sunshine and warmth again.

This afternoon the musicians meet up to discuss and rehearse for Marije and Hervé's wedding which takes place in 12 days' time.


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