The Sunday of the BIG WEEKEND

Sunday morning brought more music duty - all our accompanists were absent and the youth were at a youth day in a sister church in Montauban, so our worship was accompanied by a solo flute...

I have to confess that my breathing seems ropey, my vibrato is too fast and I can't sustain a line as long as I used to. Prof de trombone Emmanuel says that it's not my breathing because it's fine on trombone - probably my economy of air/embouchure... It's possible. Anyway it all boils down to the same - a lack of practice ! Still, I managed for the accompaniment and the echo in the church on Saturday covered a multitude of inadequacies !

The service was followed by lunch, then by the church AGM. Among other things, we voted on the protocol between the UNEPREF, the local church and MPEF and UFM that defines and frames our ministry here. So far UNEPREF are happy. Yesterday the local church got to vote and that was passed. Now I need to send the protocol to Christ Church Deeside, to MPEF and to UFM. I'll obviously do it one at a time otherwise we'll get in a terrible mess !

It's also the first time the church has got to express an opinion on my presence/ministry in the church so obviously the vote in favour is important !

We high-tailed it back to Bordeaux for the English Service - week three of Christianity Explained - the cross. Various folk are travelling, tied up with visitors or preoccupied by exams, so we were the fewest we've been in a long time. Summer is here. However quantity was compensated by quality, and then we waited for the kids to come back from Montauban and dragged ourselves off to bed !


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