Journey back from Geneva

The Séminaire at IBG finished at midday on Saturday but I had a wedding to go to on Saturday morning at 11, Marije and Hervé were getting married, so at 22:30 my friend, Olivier and I hit the road in Olivier's car. My phone served as GPS a few times to get us on the right motorways and we alternated sleeping and driving. We got home at 6:45 and I crawled into bed to catch a few hours' of zeds.

Gwilym and I were on music-duty at the wedding, which was presided by our friend Régis Berdoulat from Lausanne. Here's a couple of photos :

 They had programmed two musical interludes, one before and one after the message, so before I played a bit of Bach, accompanied by Benjamin from the Eglise Baptiste de Cours de la Marne. Afterwards Benjamin played one of the Chopin Etudes.
After the ceremony we hightailed it to the Eglise Baptiste de Latresne where there was an apéro dinatoire (in English I think we'd say a finger-buffet) - these have become very popular in France because they're a bit less formal than a dinner as such. You have a variety of nice food to eat and you mingle, sit, stand, wander as you please. Patricia and Catrin were on food duty. Here is a photo that Patricia took of Catrin.

After the wedding, more talk of matrimony with a couple who will marry in July, then BED !


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