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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When will I ever learn? No but really, when?

Well my time's up. I had to have my bi-annual appointment with the doctor. All last week I intended phoning and all last week I forgot. So Monday morning it was the first thing on my mind.

"OK, it's her replacement, but I can do tomorrow morning at 9:30."

So I booked a Citiz car for 9am and sped off to the doctor's surgery. 9:20 found me settled into the waiting room. There was another chap already waiting there.

People came. People went. People phoned. Then at about 10:05 a lanky chap in his thirties with thinning hair an an informal beard came in, greeted us all and hurtled into the doctor's office.

I went in at about 10:30. He was friendly and pleasant. And unapologetic. In fact neither of us mentioned his lateness. What's the point. It's my cultural error in assuming that the doctor will be on time first thing in the morning.

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Emmanuel said...

Our doctor is unusual. He is usually on time, give you an appointment quickly, and the only time I went, he apologised for taking me and Jean Baptiste a few minutes late. He used to be a military doctor which may explained this.