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Monday, February 01, 2016

Couch to 5k - when a week seems interminable

Well there we are. After what seems like a very long time I have completed the first week's runs, which gets you running 8 minutes in total during a run/walk session of 1/2 hour. On Wednesday this will be increased to 9 minutes. It builds up gradually, doesn't it!

I have learnt:

1) not to have my phone on silent
2) to check which day I am starting before pressing "go"
3) that running in the drizzle is OK if you just accept that it will be damp
4) to try and avoid the puddles all the same (not easy)
5) that doing this is generally OK, and even quite enjoyable
6) that I am indeed somewhat obsessive. I obsessively count my steps while running, in batches of 20.

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