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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Resources for training the keen Chinese lads

OK. So here's the ground rules :
1) Not all speak English, not all speak French, so everything has to be available in French and English minimum. A Chinese translation is a big bonus.
2) Resources need to be at the right level. We are not going to read through the institutes together, desirable though that is, so things need to be written for reading through, not just for reference.
3) Kindle versions are a boon.

Here's what I came up with :

Packer - Knowing God.
Keller - Prodigal God.
Packer - God's words.
Olyott - The Gospel as it really is (except it's out of print in French).
Roberts - God's Big Picture - Panorama de la Bible.

I'm hoping the lads will read ahead, because we'll be meeting once a month.
I'd also like to think about adding in some Sinclair Ferguson (again published in French by Europresse, but hard to get hold of) and maybe Kevin deYoung on the Heidelberg catechism, but it costs 25€ in French!

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