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Friday, May 16, 2014

Nothing can protect you again your own stupidity, I guess

Well we're ten months on and I am still thrilled with this Macbook Air. It's utterly brilliant.
Except I do stress a bit about the storage.
It's the base model, with a 128GB SSD.
It starts up quick as winking and runs sweet as a nut,
but 128GB...

I have a GDrive account, Dropbox and OneDrive which together provide LOTS of storage,
and my music is all stored on an external disk and in Apple's cloud storage,
but 128GB...

Anyway I decided yesterday to check how much space was left.
Just 20GB.
Eeek !

I ran a utility that tells you what's where on your disk, and LOTS of room was taken up by Gmail.
I knew it!
So I deleted my Gmail account from the Mac - I always use it in a browser anyway - and looked at the free space.
Still just 20GB.
Eeek !

So I ran the utility again. The Gmail files were still there!
I found a way to delete the files, then checked the free space.
Still 20GB...
Hang on...

Now the utility says that 50GB is taken up by "backups".
It appears that osX is determined to fill up the SSD with SOMETHING until there's 20GB free.
OK. Have it your way!

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