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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hiring a car

While we were in the UK we hired a car. Our church in North Wales flew us over and also paid for a hire car.

Well, hiring a car. What's it like, eh?

When I booked the car on the Easyjet website the example "small car" pictured was a VW Up.
"That'll do us", thought I, "and I'd quite like to try an Up".
I've been in an Up in Cardiff once, and it was surprisingly roomy.

When we got to the airport the "small car" was a Fiat 500.

Oh dear.

I've driven a Fiat 500 and it's good fun, but there's not much room inside.

I thought of putting Gwilym behind and Pat in front. That would mean legs everywhere.

OK. Pat behind and Gwilym in front. But the risk to her back...

"But for £x a day we can change it to a Peugeot 208".

I reflected. I agreed.

Then the excess waiver. Do I take it or not? This time I did. Sometimes I don't.

So the additional price we agreed to at the airport more than doubled what we'd originally paid on the Easyjet website.

Anyway, the car was a black, four door, diesel Peugeot 208. Not a high spec model, it didn't have a GPS, though it did have air-con.

The car was fine. It was comfortable. Roomy enough for the four of us, even with Gwilym's long legs. The boot took our bags fine. And it was economical.

One thing I particularly liked was that it had a digital speedometer in addition to the usual dial.
Dials are good for glancing at quickly, but the digital speedo is great for speed cameras.

All was well.

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