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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Funeral at Blaye

Today there was a conspiracy of road-workmen.
They were EVERYWHERE, desperately trying to get me to arrive at Anglade late for the funeral.
But by persistence we got there, and by forethought we got there with 20 minutes to spare.

The deceased lady's daughters had asked if they could play some music during the service.
I agreed, then panicked thinking what HORRORS could be unleashed, (On ira tous au paradis... etc.)
They'd set up the computer and speakers.
"What pieces have you chosen?"
They were innocuous and my mind was put at rest.

The funeral director said they'd need a lot of room because she was a very strong lady, so it was a big coffin. And it was.

The little church was full and there were lots of people stood outside.
The lady was a foster-mother, and so she'd had LOTS of children through her home and some had effectively become her children, part of her family, she was their mother.

So the funeral proceeded, with very touching tributes from children and grand-children, then I had my chance to exhort people to trust in Jesus Christ, who promises life and resurrection.

Afterwards to the cemetery, and then the workmen pulled their last trick by completely blocking my road to the motorway and home. I had to take a complicated detour. Their trick was devious, but we got past it.

One of the BIG FRUSTRATIONS of today is the need for a pastor in Blaye.
It would be one of the easiest things in the world to find protestant people and to visit them and talk to them about the gospel. But to do that you really need to be living there. And the work would be enjoyable, too. You'd meet some real characters, and who knows, maybe God would bless with salvation and the church would rise up anew.

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