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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ministry at the meeting-place

Yesterday was one of those "It's 11 o'clock, so I am in ..." days.

It started with the CNEF-FPF joint pastors' fellowship at Eysines.

Eysines is one of those awkward places to get to, so I booked an Autocool car and scuttled off to collect it from Pessac centre at 8:30, along with Peiguang, who was coming along, too.

The theme was derived from Jeremiah 29:7, and how the different churches and ministries represented were seeking the well-being of the city. People shared about food-banks, kids-clubs, women's outreach, etc. One church in what I assumed would be a fairly well-to-do suburb of the city said that in their food-bank they distribute to 4% of the population of the town. Wow.

I shared about ministry at the meeting-place of cultures, communities and languages.

Then back home for a spot of lunch and to catch up a little before heading off to the Chinese Group.

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