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Friday, May 23, 2014

Rain stopped play

Today is fête des voisins.

Today you're supposed to get together with your neighbours and celebrate neighbourliness and your neighbourhood and stuff.

For YEARS we have thought how cool it would be to invite the neighbours round for fête des voisins, but it's SO SCARY!!!

You invite people for a meal, and you have to remember to have bread, and to serve stuff in the right order, including a salad somewhere (between starter and main course) and cheese before dessert.

You invite people for an apéritif and you have to have a variety of different kinds of booze, which won't be drunk, and which will then sit in your cupboard gently evaporating, after costing you £50.

You see the problem...

Anyway one of our neighbours announced a BIG APERO in the street for fête des voisins.

We'd all take out our tables and stools and crisps and stuff and have a STREET PARTY, like for the Silver Jubilee in 1977, or for the Investiture of Prince Charles - only I missed that one because we were on holiday in Clovelly.


Oh well. We've rescheduled for the end of June.

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