Things that are good, and Things that are essential

This is just something that's stewing away, but I think we have a tendency to confuse things that are good for Christians to do, and things that are essential for Christians to do, that is, that are of the essence of being a Christian.

This little ponder, muse, reflection was provoked by something what I read in an article by a person who had, for some reason, been prevented from attending church for some time. When they resumed attendance they wrote something that I thought was a prime example of cart / horse spatial confusion. They said :

Sermons are complementary to your daily Bible reading.

If you want you can pick this up and run with it. I don't have time to write about this till early next week, but for me it provokes LOTS of reflection, biblical, historical, geographical, personal, ministerial...


Emmanuel said…
Thanks for these. Unfortunately, I hear that all the time here in France. Or if people don't say it openly, it is very much in the back of their minds. Church is an option. I suspect that some pastors would think along the same lines.

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