Saturday frolics

began with printing out leaflets for the Carolsfest. One of the BIG drawbacks of the Mac - I think the only drawback, really, is that the Windows printer driver for my printer allows automatic printing of booklets from an A4 document. It's GREAT and as easy as pie. But the mac driver doesn't have the same options.

However in OpenOffice there was the option - print as a brochure ! The interaction with the driver options was a bit complicated ) I got one good copy off so I used that to copy the rest. Did 30 copies. Thought we'd need 25.

Then three wise men arrived from the east bearing gifts of Turkey, Bandol and tinned Pumpkin pie, the east in this case being Marseille. Lunch, talk, then off they went to central Bordeaux. I washed up and tidied everything away then scurried off to the second half of Trombone Christmasfest at Gambetta.  I was greeted like a returning war-hero, played like a short-sighted idiot and then chatted with Big Band members about why I am not there at the moment... It was all great fun !

A cavalcade of motorbiking Santas made a cheery sight. The buses home were stuffed fuller than any turkey you ever did see and the roads were blocked with happy, festive shoppers enjoying the fine wintry weather, so I was glad to arrive home.


Emmanuel said…
There's several ways to print booklets on the Mac. One is to install adobe reader to print PDFs. The other one is to install this addon:
I use both, and they work well.

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