A musical day

This morning saw Catrin's first concert at the Espace Musical de Pessac. She was due to be singing "Le Mariage des Roses", a sing by César Franck. So we scuttled along at 11am, hampered by the locked gates of the park, arriving late, but well in time to hear our girl sing.

Hurrah ! Bravo !

Over lunch Pat said, "so what time are you out this afternoon ?"

Oh no ! The Christmas Trombones rehearsal !

So I grabbed my red plastic trombone and my music and hurtled out to catch the bus and tram to Forum and to find the rehearsal room at the Ecole Joliot-Curie in Talence.

We've rehearsed there before. It took me a while to find them then, but now I know where the room is - and I found a choir ! Then locked gates, empty rooms and no sound of trombones anywhere. After about 15 - 20 minutes of hunting I turned round and went home !

Meanwhile Catrin and Pat had a more fruitful time selling cakes and tea at the Anglican Christmas Fayre and Bazaare. We'd kindly donated two big bags of books we wanted to get rid of, and I threatened violence if Pat came home with any books.

She didn't even try to hide them !


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