Administration ! Administration ! It's a nightmare !

I have a UK driving licence with a photocard.
It's not necessary now to exchange this for a French licence.
This is good for us because we are not permanent workers in France, we work for a UK organisation that could recall us to the UK.

However every five years you have to renew the photo on your driving licence.
No problem. The photo is already on my passport.
All I have to do is :

A) Log on to my UK Government User-id
B) Enter my passport number
C) Pay £20
D) Wait for my new licence to be delivered to UFM.

Easy-peasy !


A) I can't remember my password - or at least the password I SHOULD have used is invalid
B) The address on my driving licence is also invalid, even though the system printed it on my driving licence..

It might just be easier to swap it for a French licence...


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