A little update on cars, clutches and autopartage

Well there we are : two Sundays and a mid-week expedition by Autocool so far, and so far so good.

The Bipper Teepee has covered 23k kilometres, it's almost new and it runs fine. We wouldn't buy one but it's fine for what we need. This Sunday it took us, the piano, sundry baggage and all to Blaye without any fuss whatsoever.

The Twingo was super for picking Catrin up from the theatre.

Meanwhile our Berlingo sits waiting for us to decide in January what we'll do : whether we'll just sell it and run on Autopartage or whether we'll attempt to exchange it for a little Yaris or something.

Whatever happens it means saying farewell to the Berlingo. It's been a great car. For years we had no problems whatsoever. Even now the engine starts fine and the car runs beautifully. It's easy to live with, has an enormous boot, is economical and comfortable. We'll miss it.

I have done a bit more research and there are various stories of people who have had repeated failures of the clutch thrust bearing on the HDi engines. Some on very low mileage cars. Citroën so far do not accept any responsability. It's a great pity.

Makes me think of how easily we can be talented, gifted, promising ... and yet flawed. One flaw, maybe not even a huge thing, can destroy all promise and shipwreck us.


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