A Quick Review of Christmas

Christmas activities began on 16 December with the first service at Blaye - a Christmas service - which went very well. We were encouraged by new folk attending and by support from folk from Cenon. A good start.

That evening was the English Service Christmas Meal and Message. We'd planned to hold this at the church but Mrs Davey's broken toe and back problem coupled with my bronchitis meant we moved it to our home. Again all went well and we squeezed in OK around the dining table lined up with the big white garden table. Sadly the message part of meal and message was not possible. Bronchitis oblige.

The following Friday was the French church Fête de Noël, which this time took the form of a follow-up evening for the Kids clubs that have been running in the church. The kids prepared various activities and it was good to see a number of parents and siblings at the church.

The following Sunday morning was the French church's last service before Christmas. I talked about the names Emmanuel - God with us - and Jesus - saving his people from their sins. The service was led by the youth and they did well.

Sunday evening was the last English Service before Christmas, but our numbers were down what with students voyaging. But it became a kind of carol service 'for us'.

Then on Christmas Day a varied group (sounds so much better than motley crew) met here for lunch and games. We got a leg of lamb from our local freezer centre, then discovered that they're much cheaper in Carrefour down the road. Oh well, you live and learn. I invited some folk who we'd only just met and was thrilled that they came along. Postprandial games ensued, but Pat and I were declining by this point so we lay on the sofas while the children played the role of host. We were able to watch the Queen together and I am sure everyone appreciated Her Majesty's contribution to the feast.

Yesterday we were not up to much, so the bulk of the family watched Doctor Who and Disney DVDs while I hunted down detective stories on Youtube. I had a meeting lined up with someone for the afternoon but low health meant I was unable to go. We rescheduled for Friday morning.


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