The wood-stove

Some time ago, at the end of the wood-burning season, some parts of our wood-stove broke : the glass in the door and the grill on which you place the logs to burn.

So some time ago, as the beginning of the wood-burning season waved from the distant pages of the calendar, I went to the store where we bought the stove, armed with a photograph of the serial number from the back of the stove and asked about spare parts.

I'll ring the company and get back to you tomorrow.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow crept.

No phone call came. I phoned the guy who installed the stove. "They'll get back to you, they will."

I left on deputation. I returned. Still no call. I phoned.

"Oh yes, sorry, I have been ill. I'll phone them and get back to you."

Yeah yeah.

So I phoned two days later.

"Yes, I rang the company and the parts are available."

"Great ! How much ?"

"You want to know how much ? I'll have to phone."

A couple of days later I phoned again. This time a chap.

"Hi, I'm Michel. You want to know how much ? OK, I'll ring them and get back to you."

We went to Paris to the UFM Conference. We came back. I thought I'd have to go to the store again, but to say what ?

Then yesterday, oh day of marvels !

"Hallo Mr Davey Alan, it's Michel here, the spare parts come to..."

"OK, if it's that much I'll talk to the man who installed the stove because you have a whole new stove in the store for less than that."



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