I like these times when things go well

I hope it continues !

1) the walls have dried out after our waste water outlet catastrophe. This means we can proceed with putting up some toile de verre and painting the hall and kitchen. Yellow in the hall. Pale blue in the kitchen. Perhaps with yellow stencilling.

I wasn't at all sure that the walls were drying out but on Monday I had a really good feel and I am now sure.

2) the wood-stove needs some spare parts that amount to more than the cost of a new stove. I called our stove fitter and he said "Oh yes, at that price buy a new stove." so I just phoned the stovemonger. The website says they can get one in three weeks. OK. Not wonderful but we could cope with that. The stovemonger's man, however, said they have one coming in on Friday or Monday. Crackerjack !

The stove fitter said "You can fit the new stove yourself, you don't need me, but if you get stuck just call me and I'll sort it out for you and it won't cost much."

Then we need to put the old stove on the bon coin second hand stove site.


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