Morning chores

Yesterday being calmer it meant I could catch up on some things that had been waiting for me, like paying some cheques into the bank and paying for Catrin's singing lessons at the music school and so on. Yes.

So I sorted things out and then this morning walked over through the park to the post office and bank.

It is hard to describe how lovely this November has been so far. Last night the temperature dropped to just about 10°, in the house it stayed at about 19° all day so we didn't bother putting the heating on overnight. The grass in the park is a super green and the trees are all turning colour. Today there's a lovely blue sky and when I got in from my errands I took off my coat and jumper because it's so pleasant.

The bank was easy, the music school was understanding.
"I knew I hadn't done everything connected with Catrin's singing lessons !"
'Yes - after seeing the teacher you are supposed to come and pay.'
Doh ! So instead of ten monthly cheques it was 7 - one big one for this term, then 6 for December to June.

The Post Office was the most complicated. We wanted to send something to China. What a palaver ! Of course you are supposed to fill in a form with your address and the destination address in ball pen. But Pat had printed out the destination address from an email.
In Mandarin.

The guy looked at the address.
"You're supposed to copy that out."
I looked at him.
"You're kidding."
"We'll photocopy it and stick it on with sellotape."
I was pleased at working out that the People's Republic of China would translate as la République Populaire de Chine. It took some jiggery pokery but in the end the thing was sent.

I walked home through the park thanking God for putting us in this agreeable suburb.


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