From the prayer meeting to where ....?

The prayer meeting was an interesting time, with lots of discussion about the upcoming legalisation of homosexual marriage, etc. etc. We finished early enough for everyone to get home through the November chill and left the building.

Yesterday was a glorious day. In the afternoon the lizards were basking in the sun, it was like a nice English summer's day. Not hot but pleasant, and the sun was hot.

By the evening it was chilly and I regretted dressing for afternoon and not for night. Still. I'd be home by 10 past 10; The tram came and we set off, only to break down one stop along. Technical problems as far as Hotel de Ville.

So we set off like the flock of little lambs we were to catch the bus.

First the 45 to the station. It came and took us along the right bank water front, past the white vans with their little red lights to the Pont Saint Jean with its view of the gorgeous buildings and Napoloen's Pont de Pierre. Such misery and such elegance side by side. That's the city.

The bus driver shared his opinion on why the tram had broken down. "Ils ont acheté des matos pas chers, c'est ça. Vous verrez quand le temps devient froid. Ecoutez, à Strasbourg il fait moins vingt et le tram tombe jamais en panne. A Mulhouse il fait -20 et ya jamais des pannes. Mais ici il fait 2 et l'APS marche plus. C'est des matos pas chers." Basically he reckons that the tram doesn't work in the cold because the town bought cheap stuff, whereas in colder parts of France there's never any problem.

Then at the station a short wait for the 16 to take us to Palais de Justice. I found a grid on the pavement where warm air was rising from the station tunnels. Lovely. There's the bus !

As we got to the Bourse de Travail I remembered that the Pessac bus passes near there. Should I get off and scuttle to the stop ? Decide quickly ! No, it would be a miserable place to wait. Then as we got near the Palais de Justice I saw the 10h10 number 4 going the other way. Will I NEVER trust my instincts ?

Next bus ten to eleven. That means over half an hour in the cold. I know, I'll go in the Connemara Irish Pub and get a hot chocolate.

It was nice, too, and I came out just in time to hop on the bus home.


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