The unknown visitors

This evening we have lots of people coming for a meal.

Firstly a chef who is on a gastronomic tour and contacted us about the English Service. I haven't heard from him since, but I assume he's coming. We'll wait a decent time before eating.

Secondly a Dutch family on the way to the Pyrenees. They contacted us interested in their kids doing something with the English-speaking kids from church. Basically that means our kid, so we invited them too.

Thirdly someone who we know who contacted me to say that they're leaving Bordeaux in mid-August so they'll be in church on Sunday. Since my phone went off for repair I have lost lots of numbers, so I am not sure who this is. We THINK we know, but we'll see.

I hope we have enough salad....

Postscript : We had enough salad and loads and loads of pizza, the chef didn't come, the mystery guest was Héber and our new Dutch friends are considering long-term overseas mission.


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