Taking Gwilym to the hospital

When Gwilym first saw the French doctor here (aged 10) she offered to whip off a large wart at the base of his neck. We didn't take her up on it.

So today we went to Haut Leveque hospital to see a surgical dermatologist.

What a palaver !

I remembered to take the cheque-book (which we didn't need) but forgot the carte mutuelle (which we did need).

It never occurred to me to take his passport (which we also needed).

AND his carte vitale was out of date.

AND the fact that he has two first names (Gwilym Thomas) confused the lady no end.

All in all the form-filling and computer admin took longer than the doctor's examination.

Oh well. At least his carte vitale is up to date now (and so is mine - I updated it in the machine by the entrance to the hospital !)

He has an appointment for 21 November.

We had to queue to tell the lady at the entrance and while we waited several people cheated the queue and pushed in front of us. We could have died there and people would have just gone round us...

Still. It's all sorted and set up.


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