A cancelled rendezvous

I had three meetings in Bordeaux this afternoon and evening, the first at 15:30 and the last at 19:30.

The middle one got cancelled.

I wondered whether to come home and then go to the evening one by car (it was at the church), but in the end the first meeting continued longer than foreseen, so I just went for a little stroll in town..

And heard a violinist busking. We don't have enough buskers, so it was good to hear someone playing Bach Sonatas for Solo Violin.

Then I heard a cellist busking. Yes, playing Bach Cello Suites.

And I had time to stop and listen.

The cellist was making some wonderful resonant low note, but I wanted more resonance on the high notes to mirror them. The violinist was very good too.

Here a flutist, but he is playing French Flute Music :


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