Fun weekend

Thing is, I like it a bit hectic.

So on Saturday morning I got myself sorted out for the wedding and the Chinese preach, then brother Héber came for lunch and to prepare the order of service and stuff. We had a good time together and I was very thankful to him for coming out to Pessac before chucking him out so I could change ready for the wedding.

I have decided to adopt US academic dress - chinos, stripey blue shirt, red tie and navy blazer.

My plan was foiled by clothes moths who have eaten a neat little hole in the sleeve of my best navy woollen blazer. Horrors ! I hope someone can fix it. I reckon I could conceal it by patching from the other side...

Also I don't have a blue stripey shirt. Well I do, but we removed the collar some time ago and I wear it for slobbing around.

Anyway, clad in my grey shirt, red tie, chinos and no blazer I scuttled off to Blaye. My super-duper Android phone is in for repair (we're going through a time like that just now. Everything we possess is broken !) so I pinched Pat's phone to guide me to the Château.

After a few wrong turns I asked a guy painting his GORGEOUS house ready to sell it where Gauriac is.

"You're there", he said,"go back up to the top of the hill, turn left and the Château is just as you leave the village."

Well I arrived a little after my ETA, but before the wedding party. While I waited the weather threw some hail around to get it out of its system, then smiled sunnily on the wedding ceremony.

Afterwards : "Do you have to rush off ? You can have something to drink before you leave ?" It was HOT so I gratefully accepted the drink.

"So what is this ?", someone asked.

"Well it's a Marquise, basically fizzy wine, wine, a little lemon juice, a little Cointreau, some sugar and some fizzy water".


I also drank quite a lot of water and ate lots of little sandwiches and zoomed off to the Chinese group.

Our Chinese group has been dominated by small people from the South, but suddenly we have a little influx of tall folk from the North, one a Kung-Fu expert who trained at Shaolin. You can pick him out by his poise.

Numbers are down, lots of folk are away, but the group went well.

Then home - to bed, to sleep, perchance to dream.

Next day the Sunday morning service, which seemed to go OK. Again numbers are down, lots on holiday, students mostly gone.

Then in the evening we were again few, but quality made up for quantity.

As it does.


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