On cockroaches

Mrs Davey found a suspect beast up high in the bathroom on Sunday night. On reflection given the location, the time and the circumstances it may well just have been a little black beetle. However it spurred me into action.

So I started by pretty thoroughly roach-proofing the bathroom with contact insecticide.

Then I attacked the fridge. It had already been moved to the patio. Now it's back where it came from in the warehouse.

Then I attacked the freezer, moving it from the wall. In all my (limited) experience with roaches, they do like the underside of the fridge. It's warm, it's dark, it's often kinda moist and there's often crusty crumbs of food that accumulate there.

Under our freezer looked like just the kind of place where roaches would like to settle but there was nobody there at all.

Good news. They have not settled in !

So I cleaned it clean than a clean new thing newly cleaned and then applied the trusty contact insecticide.


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