Exciting times !

So I scuttled out to the car to zoom off to the prayer meeting. The engine started beautifully but made a noise like someone shaking a tin of nuts and bolts. Lifting the bonnet didn't elucidate matters. I didn't think it would, but I lifted the bonnet anyway and stared perplexedly at the rattling engine.

So we zoomed off in Tim's VW.

This morning we zoomed happily into town to meet up with M Danton and see two bijou appartements in Bordeaux centre - an échoppe has been converted into four dwellings. The two we saw were at semi-basement level with windows giving on people's ankles in the street. Behind were two little courtyards that were so French it was almost as if they'd been done up for some outrageous film.

However one was too small and the other was kind of OK (if you don't mind a bedroom with no windows) but not up to the standard of what we saw last Friday. So this afternoon we see the bank at 5.

I will also phone my garage man to see if he can lift the bonnet of the car and have a listen.

I begin to wonder if our trusty chariot is nearing what the French call 'fin de vie'. We could do without a car with just occasional inconvenience (getting to church would take three times as long) EXCEPT for Blaye. Blaye would NOT be easy.


Anonymous said…
Hi Alan
Aren't you getting our trusty old Puma from David Vos after all?
Alan said…
Hi there !

I'd still like to but we haven't heard anything from them. Have they not left yet ? We're pretty skint, but the Puma is seriously old, I know. We'd have to sell the Berlingo to keep the Puma, but hey..
Anonymous said…
I think they are leaving this summer - but maybe end of summer after Summer Bible School. You could always ask if they could "sell" you the Puma for what we "sold" it to them for !!! I'd really like to think of it racing around Bordeaux! If it's still fit to be kept going that is!
Alan said…
I've emailed them !

At any rate it spurred me to look up a good equivalent of skint. I've known for a while how to say someone is filthy rich, but skint ?

I laughed on Sunday. By God's amusing providence we live in an area where our neighbours are comfortably off (pools everywhere) and someone from the church pointed at our neighbour's house, the one with the Porsche, and said "Ya du pognon..." I said, "blindé de thune"...

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