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Friday, July 06, 2018

Well there's good news and there's bad news

The good news is that we're safely arrived at our new flat and so far, so good, everyone seems to like the place. I have a study (YAAAAYYYYY!!!) and we have nice big windows and for the first time since I lived in OK Ridge in Cardiff, a view. We can see the river, the new Floirac Arena concert hall, the hills of the Entre-Deux-Mers, the apartment blocks of Bègles and lots and lots of building sites.

Also good news is that it's quieter than where we used to live. There we couldn't sleep with the windows open because of the noise of passing traffic and late night revellers returning home. Here we slept with the windows open, not too much noise (it's never silent in the city) and no mosquitos came to find us.

The bad news? Well our wardrobes won't fit. We'll need to buy two wardrobes. Not a disaster since our old wardrobes are pretty rotten old things anyway.

And the worse news, the agency is going to take money from our deposit to pay for a cleaning firm (there's dust on the floors) and to get two walls painted (marks where the table was and where Catrin's bed was).

I pointed out to the guy that the flat is three years old and that the lift has had peeling paintwork for months now, the fence has been broken since Christmas 2016 and the weeds in the grounds are two feet high.

He offered us a weekend to paint and clean further, but we think they'll just take the money anyway on other pretexts and there's no point breaking our backs further. But I shall write them a strongly worded letter pointing out the incoherence between their exigences of their tenants and their negligence of the property, and explaining that their remaining tenants are not content.

Interestingly they have not yet found a new tenant, despite showing several people round.

Oh well.

Oh yes, and Amazon deliverers cannot find the road, let alone the apartment block, so that's going to reduce our spending drastically. Good news or bad? You decide...

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