We might have headed it off at the pass...

The carbuncle, that is.

I phoned my doctor for an appointment. She's on holiday till early August but her locum could see me.

I wanted her to see it, really.

So I thought about what might help. We have an antiseptic that penetrates through the skin, so I started applying that to kill of the bugs. We also have some Magnesium Sulphate cream from last time. You smear that on and cover with a dressing. The purpose is to draw out the infection.

Then I went to the pharmacy and explained the situation. The pharmacist had a good look.

I would bathe it twice a day with this antiseptic that penetrates through the skin (check) and I would suggest this old fashioned rememdy - it's a gel with a painkiller in it and also magnesium sulphate to draw out the infection (check). Then when the abscess opens come back and we can give you an antibiotic cream.

Well we're now about four days into antiseptic and gel, and it seems to me that the inflammation has gone and that the abscess has started to disperse.



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