Going at it gently

Well it's 7pm and we think the books are done. Basically.

That leaves the far easier tasks of clothes (I've started on that), crockery and kitchen, plus the various electrical and computer related things.

We work in short spurts punctuated by long breaks and lots of water. It's hot today, but not as hot as the weekend. It's been in the low 30s. Much better.

This morning I took almost all our light fittings here and swapped them with the bulb holders and bulbs from the new flat. That's the deal. You leave the flat with bulb holders and bare bulbs.

Our neighbour came in and offered to help us packing! Isn't that kind! We may take her up on it if we see the time is running away from us.

Pat's abscess has responded to further antibiotics and today she's pretty well back to normal.

Catrin, however, was taken ill in the night with very painful diarrhoea and vomiting. The doctor came out and she has gastro-enteritis. It's very common in Bordeaux in the summer months, and one of her friends at church has it too. Miserable in the heat.


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