Living on the fourth floor

We've noticed a couple things.

Firstly it's much easier to use the balcony than when we were on the ground floor. You have more privacy. You feel less vulnerable.

It's quieter. We get hardly any street noise. Some planes fly over but they are not loud. You can hear the building sites but it's not very loud and the windows cut the sound completely.

We don't hear our neighbours much. There's a family with children below us. I heard them the night of the 14th when we were out on the balcony watching the fireworks. There's a small child on the ground floor. One morning he fell out of bed and cried. We've not yet seen people on the other balconies.

Deliveries are a pain. I ordered something from Amazon, which was sent with a firm called Colis Privé. Because the town hall renamed our road our postal address is different from the street name on Google Maps, so the firm said our address was unfindable and sent the package back. A book was sent by post, however, and that got to us fine. So I've started using our nearest postal deposit service, a wine shop just behind the station.


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