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Thursday, May 26, 2016

This could get quite interesting

The Football tournament kicks off next week, amidst political turmoil in France because of widespread rejection of the loi du travail, proposed by the government and opposed by pretty much all the unions.

The proposed law aims to relax some of the strict controls on, for example, the length of the working day, as well as changing the rules on overtime pay, and how to lay people off if a company is not making sufficient profit.

So far we've had train strikes, but now many of the oil refineries are on strike which means that quite a lot of France has no petrol or diesel.

There is the threat of shutting down the power-stations, which would mean inevitable power-cuts, of course, as well as the failure of a large amount of public transport, the trains and trams being electrified.

Next Friday there is a three-day air-traffic controllers strike planned.

And all this just as the holiday season begins and just as the football tournament starts.

M. Holland must feel under considerable pressure, but although his is a socialist government so far they are bullish. "The CGT union does not make the laws in this country!"

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