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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Book review - Why bother with Church? - Sam Allberry

subtitled: "And other questions about why you need it and it needs you"

I remember when it was hard to find an introductory book about the church to give to new Christians or to people who were perhaps a little jaded or ... shall we say undisciplined. Then Peter Jeffrey's little book "How to behave in church" came out. I loved that book! There is also "Life in the Father's House" by Wayne Mack, and also "What is a reformed church?" by Malcolm Watts, or by Stephen Smallman., as well as "Welcome to a Reformed Church" by Daniel Hyde.

In short, the gap has been plugged. There's books for presbyterians and for reformed baptists. That's without thinking of Nine Marks and the excellent fullness of their thoughtful provision.

So why bother with "Why bother with the Church?" and will anyone bother with it?

Well I think they will, and I'll tell you why. This book has the strength of being exactly what you'd expect from Sam Allberry, who is a thoughtful, gospel-focused, clearly-communicating evangelical Anglican clergyman. It doesn't force you to take positions that you don't want to take. It doesn't assume a stand on church government or on baptism. It doesn't plump for highly organised or for simple liturgy. It does the basics, and it does them well.

So it will be useful for student groups and for every other situation where you don't want to assume or force a position. Or where a way of looking at things is so well established that you want the essentials addressed clearly.

It's a good and useful book. Buy it for new christians especially.
But most of all, take them to church, invite them to the prayer meeting. Teach them to love Jesus' bride.

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