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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Probably the strangest request I have ever had, I think

At the Maison de la Bible, the phone rings:

"Est-ce que vous avez de petites figurines de Saint-Joseph? Je dois vendre mon appartement."

I told the lady that we had recently sold our house and we had just prayed and asked other people to pray, but she responded that it wasn't a house but an apartment, and she had already prayed but a friend had told her what she needs to do.

You get a little statuette of Joseph and you bury it head down near the entrance to your house or flat.
Then you pray by the statuette each morning until the house or flat is sold.
In the USA they have special Saint-Joseph kits for selling your house, apparently.

After an interesting conversation I told the lady of a shop in Bordeaux where she might find one

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