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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Oh, that's SO ANNOYING

A lady came into Maison de la Bible today and said, "I hope you can help me. I am looking for a Bible, a Second 21, with very wide margins for taking notes on."

"Oh yes", quoth I, "the English ones are called Journalling Bibles".

"Yes! That's what I am looking for, but in French."

"Sorry. It doesn't exist. You'll have to master English."

She laughed and we examined all the Bibles. And yes, it doesn't exist.

And it SHOULD. We could find no wide margin Bible at all.

"I'll contact the publishers of the Bible Second 21 and tell them that we need one."

"Great! You can let me know when it will come out?"

"Well it will take a long time. Frankly, I think it would be quicker to master the English language."

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