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Monday, August 24, 2015

What looks like a good idea for a conference - on the Bible's teaching about the world

Christians sometimes get themselves in a knot over our attitude to the world.

"Do not love the world".
"God so loved the world".
"The world is under the control of the evil one". etc. etc.

The answer is actually fairly simple - the word world doesn't always mean the same thing in English.
Sometimes it means the physical globe. Sometimes it means every human being. Sometimes it means everywhere where humans live. Sometimes... well you get the picture. You have to understand the word from the context.

The old pleasantry, "It's a small world!" "Yes, till you start to try and paint it!" illustrates this point.

Anyway, long story short, as they say, here's some links to youtube videos of a Ligonier conference on the world, where some of the Western World's finest worthies join forces to consider the world.

To the World, Folly and a Stumbling-block : Steven Lawson

The End and Purpose of the World : R C Sproul

God so Loved the World : Sinclair Ferguson

Do not Love the World : Robert Godfrey

The World, the Flesh and the Devil : Voddie Baucham

War of the Worldviews : R C Sproul Jr

Saving the World : Derek Thomas

This is my Father's World : Sinclair Ferguson

Against the World : Robert Godfrey

Out of this world : Albert Mohler

How, then, should I live in this World : Derek Thomas

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