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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Davey Summer Expedition 2015 - 3 - A solemn duty fulfilled in a beautiful spot

My brother-in-law's funeral took place a couple of days before we arrived in the UK, but there remained one duty to do. He had asked that his ashes be scattered on the hillside where he loved to walk in healthier days. So on a beautiful, dry Monday afternoon a little band of us gathered in a convenient car park and started the trudge for a spot with a view. We found a good spot by some trees where swifts were playing. It had a clear view out over Cardiff and there we stood and remembered and gave thanks for our friend and family member.

The following day I suggested to my sisters that we go out somewhere for lunch, "my shout". Some negotiations followed with the younger of my sisters and we eventually agreed that she would drive and I would pay. The meal was good and the restaurant was comfortable. My elder sister went off to find the toilet but came back with a tale of stairs leading up, stairs leading down and her decision to wait till she got home.

After a while a waitress said "Do you want the bill now?" "Yes", said I and my one sister together. "No, we don't want the bill now..." said my other sister.

We looked at each other, then at her. And slowly the penny dropped. Under cover of her hunt for the toilet she'd sneaked off and paid the bill. How devious! I am still shocked!

The next few days were spent in North Wales visiting friends and talking long and late. We made one hospital visit to a friend who is frail. We stayed in a super house owned by some folk who were away on holiday. Then off to Aberystwyth.

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