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Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Davey Summer Expedition 2015 - 4 - To Aberystwyth

Our Honda Jazz was so comfortable and easy to drive, and so we decided that on the way to the Aberystwyth Conference we would visit one of our favourite places - Portmeirion.

Portmeirion is a fantasy village created by q genius architectural madman, Sir William Clough-Ellis, by rescuing and moving, or by conceiving and building an eclectic mix of buildings in a sheltered fertile valley in North Wales.

The effect is quite stunning.

The journey there was wonderful as I decided to follow the GPS and it led me over wonderful upland moors where birds of prey circled and the heather was punctuated by sheep farms and lovely ponds. It was glorious.

Then we arrived at Portmeirion and the sun shone for us on the quirky buildings and the woodland glades. We'd never explored Y Gwyllt - The Wilds - before. A track led through woodlands to ponds and lakes and little clearings where you got a view out over the village.

We wandered contentedly then made the rest of our journey to Aberystwyth.

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