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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summarising the whole Bible in one sentence

I was interested by two videos from the people at Faithlife, producers of Logos6 tm Bible software, where they interviewed Andy Naselli and Jason deRouchie asking them to summarise the whole Bible in one sentence.

They came up with this :

God reigns, saves and satisfies, through covenant, for his glory, in Christ.

Frame - God's kingdom, God reigns, saves and satisfies
Form - through covenant
Focus - for his glory
Fulcrum - in Christ.

It's very, very fine.

I'm interested in the "satisfies' part, though, as I am not sure that this word is as timeless as the others. It addresses our issues as consumer Christians in the developed world in the 21st century where essentially our society is a society of acquisition - we live to acquire - and we can't get no satisfaction because once you are satisfied you lose the need to acquire.

But it this something that belongs in the sentence timelessly?
Is it something that makes sense to people in the undeveloped world, where acquisition is not a huge part of life, unless you mean getting your daily bread?
What about God's people, God's family?
The statement can be read very individualistically.

What do you think?

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