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Monday, July 06, 2015

The good news - and the bad news

The good news

I saw the lawyer lady and she explained stuff and answered my questions and it turns out things are not quite so complicated as I thought. Good. Gwilym can stay attached to our family for financial purposes, which means he counts against our tax etc... but because he lives in London we don't have to pay council tax for him.

The bad news

While I was out Patricia was cleaning up the patio ready for the arrival of the ladies for lunch, and the handle of the broom broke and gouged her finger. Harriette came racing to the rescue and took her to the local hospital's hand unit where they are currently operating to see what the damage is and what needs to be done, if anything.

Much later - the latest news

Pat just got home.

They made her shower in betadine and prepared her for surgery.
She got a telling-off from a nurse because she had eaten while waiting at the hospital.
They took her into the operating theatre and made her lie on the operating table.
Everyone was scrubbed-up, gowned and masked.
Then the doctor came in, looked at her finger, numbed it and put in seven stitches.

She's home and lying down and feeling fine but a bit tired out from all the hoo-ha!

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