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Alan and Pat live and work in Bordeaux. Alan is a pastor and Pat was a nurse. Now we work with UFM worldwide. Read on! (If you'd like to know what took us to Bordeaux, then start with the archives from September 2004)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Looks like we'll make it!

I just got another message from a ministry asking for donations so they can meet their budget. It used to be just in December, but now it's summer, too.

I know that it's OK to make your needs known, and I know that there are cultural differences in the way we do these things, us Brits and our transatlantic brothers, but ...

However, in the context of our dwindling finances, I suddenly smiled the other day.

Every year since 2005 has been just a bit more difficult. Sometimes very difficult. However, by reducing our expenditure bit by bit we are still here!

Our goal has so far been to make it through another ten years here, however touch and go. The house move will help that. That's why we can't take on board people's suggested criteria like "you need space for people to come", or "with a nice view", or "in the very heart of Bordeaux". We need to find somewhere we can afford with a landlord who is willing to rent to foreigners. We're missionaries, not tax exiles!

However, at the same time, some churches in England and Wales have become somewhat militant about our finances, demanding that our situation be reviewed - and while speaking to someone here about our planned house move the other day I suddenly realised that it really looks like God is going to give us those ten more years here.

And grinned.

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