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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

A big day in the Davey household

Catrin gets her bac results.

It doesn't quite have the stress-factor of results day in the UK because to get into university all you need is to pass, and she's pretty sure to have passed.

but still... it's good to have a mention (assez bien, bien, très bien) and if you get très bien, which means an 80% average or more, then the region will give you a small scholarship.

Catrin has done a very difficult bac - for example she did French (of course), English (of course); Spanish and Chinese. She also added in the music option.

Whatever her result, it would be hard to be more proud of her than we already are.

On another different note, today is the day that after 9 years of active participation in the UNEPREF I have asked for my name to be removed from the list of pasteurs associés. We don't work in UNEPREF circles any more, we aren't members of a UNEPREF church any more and I think it's unlikely we'll ever return to the denomination.

Not only that, but I have three pastors' conference to attend this All Saints' Holiday, and I have to simplify things.

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