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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I read recently a quote from a well-respected and most excellent pastor from a past century who said that he just wished he could see everything his church members did at all time.

When I read that I instantly thought "I don't!" 

After much reflection I thought again, "I really don't!"

Then recently someone was talking about a church friend who doesn't ever have a quiet time.

This morning someone mentioned that a member of a church had been a contestant on Big Brother and I imagined how ... interesting that would be...

I REALLY DON'T WANT a little camera in the homes of my friends, my brothers and sisters. 

And I think it is related to my misgivings about the whole "accountability" fad that we're passing through at the moment.


Well it is related to the question of maturity, I think.

When our kids were tiny we kept an eye on them pretty well all the time.
One day we let them play outside and peeped out of the window from time to time.
One day we took them to school and left them there, where they spent hours doing nothing at all. 
"What did you do at school today?" we would ask. "Nothing." was the unvarying reply.
They went on camp. A week without our seeing them at all.
Gwilym is now in the UK. We observe his life a little by the blessings of Facebook.
It's his life and he has to live it, and to be accountable not to us, but to another Father.

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