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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Guess the price...

"I work in the grand distribution and so I know", said our neighbour, assuring us that Géant Casino, our usual supermarket, is the dearest. "Apart from the hard discount you should shop at Auchan, Carrefour or LeClerc."

Well the nearest Auchan is halfway round the ring-road and our local LeClerc is small and poky, but we're equidistant between Géant Casino Pessac and Carrefour Mérignac.

Never let it be said that I won't take advice. We switched to Carrefour, despite their apparently dodgy policies regarding deforestation, of which I was blissfuly unaware and about which even now I remain confused.

I reckon we save about 10 euros a week, perhaps more, by shopping at Carrefour. Not only that but they have these natty scanner tills where if you use a self-scan doodah (scannette) you can then pay at a self-service till and get out of the store in seconds !

However they don't have toilet paper with aloe vera, which was one of the real highlights of life in France for me. And you have to watch the prices shown on the shelves because they are all over the place. Hopeless !

Here's one example. Guess the price of the Maxi-format CocoPops.

If you guessed 3.74€ then give yourself a pat on the back.

Still, the scannette always tells you the truth.


Ken said...

They may be cheaper than Casino, but I always reckoned that Carrefour was one of the more expensive supermarkets, apart from petrol, though their range of stock was generally pretty good, we bought a 'Le Creuset' casserole dish just outside of Lyon for what was, even then, a pretty good price compared to the U.K.
I do recall that when they bought up the Continent Supermarket group, the prices in Orange rocketed and everyone was complaining about it. (Well, those I could communicate with anyway!) However, as we haven't been to France for many years now, it could be that all of my (mis)information is well and truly out of date. Maybe they've changed their pricing policy and don't want to maximise their profits???

Alan said...

I can do no better than to refer you to my neighbour who works in the grand distribution, and so who knows...