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Monday, November 14, 2011

Contrôles techniques

November is the month of the contrôles techniques.

Firstly for me. The doctors does annual blood tests to check everything possible. I still remember fondly when my doctor at Shotton Lane asked me if I'd like to have a cholesterol test done. I said no, then afterwards relented and let them do it. I've never had a high reading. Anyway here they test cholesterol, sugars, PSA (for prostate problems), everything ! I saw the lady this morning ticking all the boxes.

Then for the car. Every two years the government wants to make sure that your car can stop OK and that it isn't poisoning everyone or threatening to disintegrate on the motorway and cause one of those awful pile-ups. It's nice that it's only every two years. It halves the stress !

It occurred to me that I stress terribly over the car's contrôle technique but I am pretty relaxed about my own. Strange, no ?

1 comment:

Alan said...

Just got the blood test results emailed to me in pdf format.

Want to see them ?

All looks OK to my untrained eye...
(Oh I DO wish I'd paid more attention in Biochemistry !)