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Friday, November 18, 2011

Church planting in France

The Conseil National des Evangéliques de France have taken on board the old target (shared by France Mission and lots of others) of seeing a church for every 10 000 people in France, hoping to give every person a reasonable chance of hearing the gospel in an intelligible way at least once during their lifetime.

For us to reach this target we need LOTS more churches. For example in Pessac alone there are currently two evangelical churches for a population of about 60 000. That means four more churches are needed. And Pessac is pretty well off, really. Neighbouring town Talence is much less reached.

For them as reads French this website tells you a bit more - http://www.1pour10000.fr/ - including a very useful interactive map ("La Carte").


Anonymous said...

I am quite sure we don't have anything like one evangelical church for 10,000 people in England. Many places have one per 25,000 and it is worth targeting locations that don't meet that.

As for achieving it in France, seems a bit over-aspirational. We rely on God to bring many to new birth, but if this is the target I suggest every French evangelical church stops any non-evangelistic activities and instead prays and fasts for the next decade.

In Christ,

James Horgan.

Alan said...

In the county of North Wales where I lived we exceeded that number, I think, though the distribution was not even.