Next step in déconfinement

On Wednesday France entered the next step in déconfinement. For us in Bordeaux this means :

No more masks outdoors, except in the two main shopping streets after lunch, and within 50m of schools, stations or transport stops.

No more limits on number in cafés, restaurants and bars - or churches

No more curfew.

We can all sit next to each other once more, but we must still be masked inside the building.

We're very happy to see our infection rates continue to drop as well as the numbers in hospital and intensive care. Meanwhile in the next department south of us, les Landes, there is a cluster of the delta variant.

We can eat together once more, though it is recommended that we do this outdoors and minimise as much as possible passing things round.

For us Davey we watch the news closely because we would love to be able to visit the UK without quarantining or paying hundreds of pounds for tests. We're both fully vaccinated now, so maybe in August?


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