We're such poor saps - real suckers

So, remise en selle, cycle paths etc... It's all part of a fiendish plan.

This week is the week of alternative mobility, when all over France cities try to stop people driving into them. In Bordeaux this strategy includes things like:

attractive park and ride places with low prices for a car-load of people
punitive car parking charges in the city centre
exorbitant fines for illicit parking
a vigilant band of enforcers

but also:

encouragements to walk - for example there's an app now that will count your steps and award you a free drink when you've walked a long way to get it
encouragements to cycle

Yesterday en route (by "bus d sub" *) to church we saw the Vélo-tour stands all down the Quai des Sports and then we saw people with eccentrically adorned cycle helmets riding gaily down the cyclepath. One was dressed as a Roman Centurion. On a bicycle.

We get sicked into these programmes without realising it. Poor saps.

* The "bus d sub", or bus de substitution, is the replacement for tram C, out of action since the fire in the undergound car park in May. It is hoped that it will start running again in October

Tram D, which will link our home with the room where the church meets, is due to enter in service in December.


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